Hello - Aanii - Welcome to Our Neighbourly Cross-Cultural 

Canadian Destination!

Manitoulin Island, located in Lake Huron 1.5 hours from Sudbury, is home to a friendly, family-oriented, outdoorsy type of people who love to share their good fortune of being surrounded by...

'Fresh Air  +  Fresh Water  +  Fresh Food'

Islanders enjoy telling stories by the campfire, being on the lake, and encompassed by nature.

"...Some may say we are behind on the times, but we say we are all about the good times!"

"We happily live between old and new ways."

Our door is always open and we love to have company,

so we hope to see you soon!


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Technology provider, SAAS or Service Provider?

Firms not driving development of all three componants are marginalizing the value to the client. VETTERRA has interwoven the three to provide a well-rounded product suite that bolts on to Appraisal, Property Preservation and Asset Managment services.

I am an independent Agent, Appraiser, Drone Operator? How do I get started?

Join our Vendor Panel by entering your email on the right side of the page and:

  1. Our Vendor Management Team will reach out to you via email to confirm your interest.
  2. You will specify the service you provide.
  3. We will request verification documents and licensing.
  4. Vendor Managment will provide you with training materials applicable to our current contracts.
  5. You will begin recieving assignments as soon as one is best suited for your capaiblities and we will establish scorecarding. The better your perform, the more we will send assignments your way!

I am not interested in the platform. Can we just utilize just one of your services?

Yes! Each client is different and no one knows your business like you. - Just looking for a better Appraisal Managment Company? You manage Commercial - Properties across the east coast and want to run your assets through our hybrid valuation? - You want us to execute Property Preservation services across your porfolio? No problem Let's book a time to chat and better understand your needs and we will find the right solution for you!

What do you know about Federal Contracts?

A lot! In fact, our team is comprised of industry professionals who have procured, managed, executed contracts of all sizes, across a variety of NAICS codes in Property Services, Document Managment, Technical Support, and others. We pride ourselves on adaptation, innovation and execution. We thrive in teams and are terrific teaming partners. Let's chat.



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General Updates from DMI

  • Welcome to the brand new Destination Manitoulin Website! Our new website launched in October 2020 - take a look around!

  • DMI has officially moved to the South Baymouth marina space.  We are now located at 65 Water Street in South Baymouth, just steps away from the Chi-Cheemaun Ferry.

  • 2020 COVID-19 Update: Due to COVID restrictions, we are unable to allow vistiors into the DMI building. However, if you would like a Traveller's Guide or other resources, we are able to provide these with proper protocols and sanitation in place.

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