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DMI Membership



Destination Manitoulin Island (DMI) is the official not-for-profit tourism marketing organization for Manitoulin Island. We provide our district with numerous timely products and services which have proven to generate publicity, and increase on-going revenue for our Members.

The Destination Manitoulin Island Tourism, Commerce, and Leisure Centre is located at the scenic Harbour Front Marina in South Baymouth, ON. Statistically, South Baymouth is the busiest gateway to Manitoulin Island during the peak and shoulder seasons.


The Destination Manitoulin Island model has evolved over the past few years in order to be both more sustainable and reflect the fast paced global Internet markets in which we live. Destination Manitoulin Island has many influential and highly resourceful Industry Partners such as, but not limited to, Indigenous Tourism Ontario, Wikwemikong Tourism, Destination Ontario,  Destination Northern Ontario, Northeastern Ontario Tourism, Nature and Outdoor Tourism Ontario, Tourism Industry Association of Canada etc. Destination Manitoulin Island partners are invaluable in co-marketing efforts.


Destination Manitoulin Island has expanded to include the marketing and promotion of the local Official 'Made on Manitoulin Island' brand of products in combination with the 'Taste of Manitoulin' and the Island-wide Cross-Cultural Culinary Tourism initiative. Shop@Home also is a worthy local marketing campaign – loyalty message.

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Destination Manitoulin Island proudly markets Members through our website with over 1 MILLION HITS annually, and popular social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook. promotes local businesses, to Associates, and Industry Partners by way of images and descriptions with hotlinks to their individual websites. 


Our Three Lands branding stems from an International Industry proven strategy meant to entice travellers to stay three days, whereby encouraging them to ‘Explore, Embrace, and Enjoy’ the entire Island – the Eastern, Middle , to Western Lands.


Destination Manitoulin Island freely designs, publishes-on-demand, and distributes the most comprehensive sought-after tear-off Island tourist maps both on and off-line, and on and off the Island! International Travel Agencies to local tourism centres request, and distribute 10’s of thousands of our unique Destination Manitoulin Island Snapshot Maps annually.




Destination Manitoulin Island has a comprehensive contact list for all District of Manitoulin eateries, and Made on Manitoulin Island Food and other products which we continuously share on and off-line.



All the District of Manitoulin highlights are posted on our printed promo, and website calendar as well as, by community.


Destination Manitoulin Island's vacancy list service remains very popular among Members and travellers alike. Destination Manitoulin Island provides the best front-line referral service by creating a daily vacancy list through contacting each Member daily (in peak season and/or as requested), for their availabilities. Between drop-in visitors, to phone calls/texts, and emails our great Destination Manitoulin Island Volunteer Staff and Summer Students are more than busy making referrals.


Destination Manitoulin Island also promotes Manitoulin through two high traffic Hwy Bulletin Board Signs. One Bulletin Board is located near Sault St. Marie, and the other in the Parry Sound Area. Both signs have proven to successfully inform travellers of, and (re)direct them to, the District of Manitoulin Island.


Destination Manitoulin Island has been, and will continue to train staff, volunteers, and any others who would like to obtain the best Island-wide Tourism Training with Complimentary Industry Resources! Destination Manitoulin Island is committed to offering summer employment to our young people on Manitoulin.

Some Other Destination Manitoulin Island Opportunities include: 

  • Member promotional material distribution including packaging of business to business referral materials for those with their own ‘select in-house’ information areas for guests

  • Opportunity to advertise at the Destination Manitoulin Island Tourism, Commerce, and Leisure Centre, and on our indoor Tobermory Terminal wall sign

  • Opportunity to participate in and/or advertise in our research backed, high return on investment, Fairs and Trade Shows (Local to national)

  • Opportunity to advertise your special event at the Destination Manitoulin Island Tourism, Commerce, and Leisure Centre, plus on our POPULAR Website and Social Media Platforms

  • Opportunity to display and sell your Made on Manitoulin Island Products at theDestination Manitoulin Island Tourism, Commerce, and Leisure Centre

  • Opportunity to participate in DMI’s Taste of Manitoulin Cybre Café on the Bay

  • Opportunity to participate in a variety of ongoing tourism workshops

  • Opportunity for additional high-profile Ad space on our DMI Website Homepage

  • Opportunity for Ad space in the interactive DMI Traveller’s Guide DMI offers a growing and diverse range of opportunities for marketing and commerce.


For more information, please contact our sales representative directly by emailing: Thank you – Miigwech for your interest.