Gore Bay & Western Manitoulin Museum

12 Dawson Street, Gore Bay - 705-282-2040

The Gore Bay Museum is a part of the Gore Bay Court Complex, and is located inside the old Manitoulin District Jail and jailer's residence. The museum features exhibits that outline the history of Gore Bay and Western Manitoulin, showing what life was like for early settlers in the area. Thematic exhibits guide visitors through the history of the town and bring it back to life. Admission for students and children under 15 is $2, senior is $3, and adults is $4.

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William Purvis Marine Museum

40 Water Street, Gore Bay 

Located on the third floor of the Harbour Centre, the William Purvis Marine Museum showcases and preserves the marine history of the Great Lakes and Manitoulin. Exhibits, photographs, speakers, and open houses all work together to showcase the fascinating stories of this industry and how essential it has been to the area.

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Mississagi Lighthouse Museum

Mississagi Road, Meldrum Bay - 249-805-9625

The Mississagi Lighthouse Museum is located within the lighthouse itself in Meldrum Bay. The lighthouse, which was constructed in 1873, now houses carefully preserved exhibits and artifacts to help understand the life of a lighthouse keeper. Visitors will also get to take in the views of the sharp rock faces and the Mississagi straits where ships have travelled for years.

The Net Shed Museum

Main Street, Meldrum Bay

The Net Shed Museum is located in a former fisherman's net shed. On display you will find relics of Meldrum Bay's past as a fishing and lumber mill town. Exhibits bring to life the history and stories of the small but vibrant town.


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Ojibwe Cultural Foundation

15 Highway 551, M'Chigeeng - 705-377-4902

The Ojibwe Cultural Foundation works to preserve and revitalize the language, arts, spirituality, culture, and traditions of the Anishnaabe people. The building is home to a museum, public art gallery, gift shop, a full Ojibwe immersion early learning kindergarden program, Gimaa Radio 88.9 FM, language resources, healing lodge, and a performance amphitheatre. The OCF also houses many events, workshops, and exhibitions.

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Welcome Centre & Pioneer Museum

2207 Highway 551, Mindemoya - 705-377-4383

The Welcome Centre provides information to travellers. Knowledgeable staff can help you with directions, accommodations, things to do, places to eat, and more. There are public washrooms available just inside the entrance as well. The building also doubles as the Pioneer Museum. Inside the main building are several artifacts as well as history about the families of Central Manitoulin. Visitors can also take guided tours of the outbuildings including the pioneer cabin, blacksmith shop, covered bridge, and barns. These preserved buildings give insight into how early settlers and farmers of Manitoulin once lived, and showcase a fascinating history. 

Old Mill Heritage Centre

15 Old Mill Road, Kagawong - 705-282-1442

The Old Mill Heritage Centre is located along the waterfront in Kagawong. This museum includes many exhibits and a multimedia centre that bring to life the rich history of Kagawong, Billings Township, and Manitoulin as a whole. Some themes include agriculture, sawmills, fisheries, family histories, the pioneer post office, as well as a popular military exhibit. The museum is also well known for their display on the story of the Daniel Dodge tragedy, which has enthralled visitors for years. 

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Providence Bay Discovery Centre

Mutchmor Street, Providence Bay - 705-377-5025

Located in the Harbour View Centre along the boardwalk, the Discovery Centre showcases the unique and fascinating wildlife, ecology, and geography of Manitoulin Island. Displays include an interactive sand box, fossils, animals pelts and furs, butterflies, and live animals including frogs, turtles, and snakes. Inside the Harbour Centre is also a small museum maintained by the Central Manitoulin Historical Society, which showcases an artifact of the week. Staff at the Discovery Centre also run weekly programming for kids including Canada Day Games, terrarium building, fishing, nature walks, and much more!  


The Little Schoolhouse & Museum

113 Church Street, South Baymouth - 705-859-3663

The Little Schoolhouse & Museum traces this history of South Baymouth and Tehkummah Township. Enter the main museum building through the unique lighthouse entrance and learn about the life of the settlers in the area through the well-preserved artifacts and displays. A particularly interesting exhibit highlights the history of Michael's Bay, one of Ontario's ghost towns. Beyond the main complex is the Schoolhouse, which was closed in 1962 and turned into a full exhibit on one room schoolhouses and their use in the rural towns on Manitoulin Island.

Manitoulin Photo By_ Little Schoolhouse

Assiginack Museum Heritage Complex

125 Arthur Street, Manitowaning - 705-859-3905 

The Assiginack Museum Heritage Complex includes a main building with artifacts, glassware and pottery that tell the story of early life in Manitowaning and Assiginack Township. There are also several outbuildings that bring the stories to life, including a pioneer home, blacksmith shop, school house and barn. There is also an extensive record of the town's genealogy and family histories. The museum is open from June to September for visitors to explore Manitowaning's past.

Manitoulin Photo By_ Township of Assigin

Centennial Museum of Sheguiandah

Highway 6, Sheguiandah - 705-368-2367

The Centennial Museum of Sheguiandah is located in the heart of the town along Highway 6. There is a main exhibition centre as well as six outbuilding to explore. There are a variety of artifacts and displays that tell the story of settlers in Sheguiandah and on Manitoulin. There are also artifacts from the Sheguiandah Archaeology Site that date back to over 11,000 years ago. The museum also runs workshops, events, and activities throughout the season for visitors to enjoy. 

The Norisle

Bay Road, Manitowaning 

The Norisle is one of the old ferries that use to bring passengers to and from Manitoulin Island. Today, the M.S. Chi-Cheemaun does this job, and the Norisle is docked at the harbour in Manitowaning. Just beside the ship is the old mill and Burns Wharf warehouse building. While the ship and these buildings are no longer open to the public for safety reasons, they can still be seen from outside and are a sight to behold. There are also plaques outside of the ship explaining it's history.

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Arts + Culture




Harbour Centre

40 Water Street, Gore Bay - 705-282-2420

The Harbour Centre is located along the waterfront in Gore Bay, and is a cultural hub for the town. It works to support local artisans and showcase their work. The building is open year-round, and includes shops such as: Ravenseyrie, The Ravens Nest, Anna and Peter Barnett Photography & Sewing, HYCreates, Scissors and Silk, and Harbour Lights Artisans. 

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Manitoulin Photo By_ 4Elements Living Ar

4Elements Living Arts

91 Main Street, Kagawong - 705-282-0444

4Elements Living Arts is a multidisciplinary, cross-cultural, non-profit arts organization located in Kagawong. They run various events, workshops, residencies, programs, and land-based learning experiences to connect the community with arts and culture. They are currently working to develop a mobile studio to feature their resident artists. Additionally, you can find their work on the Billings Connection Trail which runs through the town of Kagawong and along the Kagawong river. This trail combines art, heritage, and nature and includes 32 historical interpretive plaques as well as six permanent sculptures. 

Neon Raven Art Gallery

53 Corbiere Road, M'Chigeeng - 705-377-6088

Neon Raven Art Gallery features works and exhibits by artists Ann Beam, Carl Beam, and Anong Migwans Beam as well as other local Indigenous artists. Many of these artists have had their work displayed throughout Canada and across the world.  Visitors will be guided through the unique and cultural pieces, bringing to life the spirit of Indigenous art and culture.   

Manitoulin Photo By_ Perivle Gallery.png

Perivale Gallery

1320 Perivale Road East, Spring Bay - 705-210-0290

Perivale Gallery is a hidden gem. Tucked away in the tranquil woods of Spring Bay along Lake Kagawong, this gallery brings together stunning art from Manitoulin Island and beyond. Perivale Gallery displays mediums such as paintings, pottery, sculpture, jewellery, photography, drawing and more. Their vast and impressive collections have made them a well-known art destination on Manitoulin Island, and brought them great recognition. The gallery also hosts various workshops and events for the public.

Mutchmor Gallery

5263 Highway 551, Providence Bay - 705-377-4703

The Mutchmor is a gift shop, cafe, and art gallery located in Providence Bay. Gifts and art pieces created by local artists are available for viewing and purchase. Owners Matthew and Bridget bring their cultural experiences of travelling the world to Manitoulin Island through the gallery. The Mutchmor also provides an antique shop, yoga and meditation classes, massage therapy and wellness, as well as many workshops, community events, and exhibitions.   

Hettmann Studio

3 Dominion Bay Road, Spring Bay - 705-377-4625

Ursula Hettmann is a local Manitoulin artist who is located in Dominion Bay (outside of Spring Bay). She is a painter and also makes handcrafted jewelry and clothing in her studio. The designs for these pieces are inspired by nature and the stunning landscapes of Manitoulin Island. She infuses her inspiration from the world around her into each piece. Her studio is open to the public to browse and purchase her work.

Lillian's Crafts

5950 Highway 540, M'Chigeeng - 705-377-4987

Lillian's Crafts offers traditional, handcrafted items by First Nations artists. Browse their collection of local Indigenous art and other fine pieces. Their show space includes an array of items such as quill boxes, prints and paintings, dream catchers, moccasins, beadwork and jewelry, leather apparel, traditional regalia items, and much more. They also have an on-site museum that houses traditional pieces and includes displays on the process of making these fascinating artworks. 

Edwards Art Studios

15 Old Mill Road, Kagawong (Upstairs) - 705-282-0360

Edwards Art Studios (located in the Old Mill Heritage Centre along the waterfront in Kagawong) is an independently owned and operated family art gallery. The gallery features works from owners Richard and Barbara Edwards, as well as many other local artists. Pieces range from paintings, to sculptures, to glass work and more. The studio also hosts various art workshops throughout the season to get visitors involved in the process. 


K.B. Reynolds Mastin Gallery

43 Queen Street, Manitowaning - 705-859-2317

Located in the front of the Debajehmujig Creation Centre building, the K.B. Reynolds Mastin gallery is 600 square feet of fantastic gallery space. Debajehmujig hosts various exhibitions throughout the year that feature local Indigenous artists, filmmakers, and photographers, and often hold events or open houses in this space.

Manitoulin Photo By_ Debajehmujig Theatr

Wiikwemkoong Art Gallery & Gift Shop

2098G Wikwemikong Way, Wiikwemkoong - 705-859-3477

The Wiikwemkoong Art Gallery & Gift Shop is located conveniently inside of the Wiikwemkoong Tourism Information Centre. There are locally sourced, handcrafted items on display from artists in the area, including many Indigenous art pieces available to browse through and purchase.

Mishibinijima Art Gallery

426 Lakeshore Road, Wiikwemkoong - 705-859-1007

Mishibinijima Art Gallery showcases the art and painting of MISHIBINIJIMA, an internationally renowned native artist located in Wiikwemkoong. His work highlights native culture, nature, heritage and traditions in a contemporary way. The gallery is open to the public and art collectors travel from far and wide to get a chance to add one of these unique and beautiful pieces to their collection. 

Ten Mile Point Trading Post

12164 Highway 6, Sheguiandah - 705-368-2377

Ten Mile Point Trading Post is located on Highway 6 just outside of Sheguiandah First Nation. The trading post sells gifts, crafts, souvenirs, clothing, and more. There is a wide variety of First Nations pieces including paintings, dream catchers, moccasins, drums, carvings, leather work, quill boxes, jewellery, and other hand made accessories. 

Pierside/Manitoulin Trading Post

6 Water Street, South Baymouth - 705-859-1880

Attached to the Pierside Restaurant in South Baymouth is a trading post and art gallery. This location features local native art, crafts, and other unique pieces. Browse the art gallery or pick up a souvenir to remember your trip.


Turner's of Little Current

12164 Highway 6, Sheguiandah - 705-368-2377

Turner's is a department store located downtown in Little Current. If you follow the stairs to the second level, there is an art gallery and small museum. Turner's provides a handpicked display of pieces by many talented local artists from NEMI, Manitoulin, and the North Shore. Nature and iconic Manitoulin scenery are a large focus of this gallery, and there are many breathtaking paintings, photographs, and more available for purchase.


Gore Bay Summer Theatre

52 Meredith Street, Gore Bay 

The Gore Bay Summer Theatre has a long history of providing entertaining and exciting theatre to Manitoulin Island. The group performs two to three summer productions per season, which are hosted at the Gore Bay Community Hall on various weekends. These performances showcase a fantastic group of local talent including actors, singer, musicians, and artists.


Burns Wharf Theatre Players

25 Napier Street, Manitowaning - 705-859-3808

The Burns Wharf Theatre Players is a community theatre company located in Manitowaning. Each spring the group puts on a new production, oftentimes selling out their weekend shows throughout the month of May. The cast includes a host of local talent, and the shows are always fun and exciting. The group originally performed in the old Burns Wharf warehouse building along the waterfront, but due to building code regulations have been required to seek a new stage. They now put on their shows at the Knox United Church on Napier Street.

Manitoulin Photo By_ Debajehmujig Theatr

Debajehmujig Theatre Group

43 Queen Street, Manitowaning - 705-859-1820

Debajehmujig Theatre Group is a world renowned professional theatre company. They are the only one located on a Reserve in Canada (their headquarters are located in Wiikwemkoong). Their work and productions are based on Aboriginal culture, traditions, and worldview. They incorporate traditional teachings and stories with a contemporary style. The Creation Centre, located in Manitowaning, includes stages, two studios, an art gallery, production labs, green rooms, a video control booth and more. Debaj frequently puts on shows, festivals, workshops and arts/cultural events throughout the year.